Interpretation for the song Walking Backwards by Dead Testaments. Check here for the lyrics.
Illustration for Tennessee drone-rockers Dead Testaments. 
Another thing from my regular job doing such things.

T-shirt design for a day-fest in Stellenbosch, and the poster application. It’s aimed at students who will be entering exam season right afterwards.

Quiz night banner.

Some old character designs and a scene I made for a flash game back when I was in uni. Kind of old but I still quite like it.

'notha bannah
Poster I made last month for a mini-festival in Stellenbosch.

Two out of 4 chapters of my first comic have been fully written and storyboarded, gonna try get the next two done next week and then I’ll start on the final execution. Pretty excited, stay tuned.

I’ve been pretty neglectful with posting these things so here’s a mini-dump of a few of the gig banners I’ve done for Arcade Empire this past month or so.

Rainy Sunday doodle.
Dragon Rider.

This is something I did while working at a studio during my first year out of university. Not my favourite thing I’ve made, but I did win a Promax Award for it, so I figured I’d post it.

Jazz Man or Jazz, Man.