Mi Isla, 21 x 29,7cm. My entry for the Mapamundistas 2014 Las Consecuencias Del Mapa exhibition in Spain.

Some more recent banner designs I drew up in the last month or so.

Drew on a little bag for a birthday present; kinda rough but I like it.

I’m very excited about my relocation to Santiago de Chile at the end of this year, if any of my followers are from that area drop me a line, I’d love to learn as much as I can before I arrive :)


Late night WIP.

A logo and a t-shirt design I recently made for Pretoria math-rockers Follow Me Follow You.

I’m gonna be on coffee! This will be done at Jimnettes in Pretoria for their new in-store coffee shop.
WIP close-up of a design I’m working on.

Some more banner designs from last month.

House in the Country, for experimenting and learning.
The Eaters.
The Tiny Umbrella.

Some more banner designs from last month.

Nervous Splendor.
Poster for an upcoming show in Stellenbosch.